Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kitchen Products I Love - Part 2

10" Rolling Pin with No Handles

I discovered I could really use a rolling pin without handles when I started making Rice Crackers. My cookie sheets have raised edges to them, so a regular rolling pin with handles doesn't fit inside the sheet for me to roll the crackers out. I didn't want to remove the handles from my good rolling pin, so I went to Value Village and bought a cheap rolling pin in the Housewares Dept. for $1.00, brought it home, and removed the handles. I *love* this rolling pin. I use it all of the time. I actually haven't used my original rolling pin in years. I use it most often now when I make Vegan Shortbread. I found a rolling pin without handles that you can purchase on Amazon here. Although, it would be most economical to buy a rolling pin at a garage sale or thrift store and just remove the handles yourself.

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